Word family using short 'e'

Hello everyone! We are introducing the concept of Word Families to the kids again! Previously, we have introduced word families with short ‘A’. Today, we are using short ‘E’. What’s good about word families? Well, it helps preschool children to understand the elements of words and sounding them out. My boy had great fun learning and “playing” with it. 🙂

Here, teaching him words that ends with ‘en’, the sound of ‘en’ and the sound of the first letter of each word. Then we blend the letter sounds together to read the word.

Next, we move on to reading and how each word can form into sentences.
Easy Reader

Recognising, sounding out the first letter for each word and filling in the blank.
First letter

Matching the picture to the word.
Read and match

Not forgetting the hands on fun for him. Too much writing sometimes bores him. Having some hands on fun is good and I can use the chance to “test” him 😉 This is good for learning blending too!
Hands on fun

The next day, we have a quick review on how much he remembers. I showed him the pic using the hen and eggs theme and he will use the eggs to spell out the word. Amazingly he remembers everything!

The little one loves to play with the “eggs”. We had fun learning letters with it.
little girl on hen and eggs

I’m happy to see the kids having fun learning. If you are keen to try out these worksheets, here are the details:

There are 3 sets of words: en, et, ed. Each set contains 24 pages.
Price for the 3 sets, hands on fun and spelling fun is $15.90 with local postage.

Drop us a message if keen 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

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