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Parenting is tough, being a home learning parent is even tougher. We cannot deny the struggles a parent has and having to home educate your child, is completely overwhelming. 

My aim at Young Smarties is to support and guide you on how to to take the stress out of your parenting journey and nurture your child into a curious learner. We show you how to make home learning fun, enjoyable and keep their passion for learning alive.

“Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.” ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Home Learning Planning Kit

Starting on your home learning journey? 
Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where and how to get started? 

Download our home learning planning kit and let us help you get started.  


We all want a happy and calm family life. We want to have a close connection with our children. In our blog articles, we share about our practical and real life experiences of how we parent our children and what we do to have that connection. 

Positive Home Learning and Parenting

is made up of
+ a calm and happy family
+ ability to provide your child attention 
+ ability to look for effective ways to communicate and teach your child
+ to make a positive impact on your child through home learning
+ Feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? 

Finding a struggle in any of the above. Book a call with me and we will see how I can support you on your home learning parenting journey. 

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