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Parenting is an amazing and exciting journey. It is like a roller coaster ride for some where you experience ups and downs. Although we are our children’s parents, we are their teacher as well. 

As a matter of fact, our children learned a huge amount from us. We play the role of a teacher from the day they were born.

This website is to provide all the support and guidance on parenting and home learning with your child/children. It shows you the strategies on empowering and impacting your child/children positively. 

If you have any of the questions in your mind:

  • How can I find time to connect with my child?
    There’s so much to do i.e. housework and work, I don’t have the time to spend quality time with my child!
  • How can I be a good role model to my child?
  • How do I connect with my child to a stronger and sweeter relationship?
  • Feeling anxious about how parenting goes between you and your child?
  • Worried about whether you are good enough to teach your child?
  • Overwhelmed with resources and support from all over the place?
  • Not sure where and how to get started on parenting and/or home education?
  • Why does my child not showing interest in what I teach? 

This place is for you!

Online courses

Discover yourself as a parent with our online parenting courses where you can learn on your own schedule.

Learn how to get started with home learning with your child with out easy to follow online courses for age 0-9.

Young Smarties Transport Pack

Learning Materials/Tools

Home learning journey can be overwhelming. But you do not have to worry as we provide online materials where you can print at home and work with your child.


Feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Struggling and feeling exhausted?

We are here to support you. Tell us what you are experiencing and we will guide you along your parenting journey. Remember you are not alone.

What our clients say

"I like the customised service that is catered to my needs & also the warmth & sincere touch shown in all the items Ive ordered. Good job Lup Wai...keep it up! Im certainly ordering more in future & recommending your wonderful work to all my friends."
Preschool Educator
“I love all the educational services offered for kids!"

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  1. Hi, Could you please share the material used to teach your smarties. I didnt see any store sort of in this site.

    1. Hi Laks,
      Thanks very much for the interest. Currently, my store site is under revamped hence is not available for the time being. If you do not mind, do leave us your email address by following this blog or email us your address, so that we will be able to inform you once our store is up and running 🙂

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