How do I start Homeschooling?

The most common question being answered here. This program doesn’t just answer your homeschooling questions, it also answer your parenting questions too. 

Where do I get the resources?

Can I really do it?

Am I competent enough?

i am here for you!

No matter if your child is starting school or you are embarking on the homeschooling journey, the process can be overwhelming. You do loads of research and every methods and resources out there look good and you are not sure which one to choose. 

At times, you even get frustrated because you keep buying resources and you keep changing till you are not sure which is effective and, hence, become inconsistent, anxious, unsure and it hit your confident level of teaching your own child. 

You experience the burnout. 

I am here for you. This is not just another training or coaching course. I am here so that we can work together to help you meet your family goals on parenting and home education. We will put together the plans so that you can inject joy and playfulness during this learning journey with your child and moving forward to a healthy and happy family.

How to get started

We’ll work on the process from the beginning and customised according to your family needs and meeting your goals.

Flexi Time

We’ll collaborate and walk through the planning of when to teach what to your child according to your child needs and interest.

achieving your goals

We’ll work together on creating and/or researching for materials required that meet your requirements.


Together we will design a customised plan for you and your family. We work together to achieve your goals plus the following benefits:

◊ better connection with your child 

◊ better understanding of your child’s learning needs and style

◊ better alignment of lifestyle with your family values

◊ knowledge of when to find what resource for your child

◊ better manage your time and emotions

◊ knowledge to create your own learning materials when needed

◊ gain back your confidence as a mom

“The more parents learn, the more they are able to help a child learn”
~~ McReynolds


Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals.



one month

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3 months

Personalised guide

1 hr call per month

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Lup Wai is an educator in both private and public sector. She has 2 kids age 9 and 6. 

She has worked together with parents on creating fun educational ideas and injecting joy in their children’s learning. She believes that having a close connection with the children is the most powerful way to impact them positively. 

She loves helping and supporting parents to nurture their little ones into a lifelong learners. 

Get connected with her and learn practical and supportive approach for a happy and loving family.