Parenting and Learning Treats

Are you struggling with parenting your child?
Do you find it overwhelming when teaching your child? 

No matter if you have a child or many children. We all struggle to with during the parenting journey. 

Teaching your child can be overwhelming too. So many curriculums out there, so much to learn. How and what do we teach first? Where do we find the correct resource for our child? 

If you find yourself struggling trying to understand your child, trying to better connect with your child, trying to positively nurture and impact your child. You have come to the right place. 

“Strategies to nurture and impact your child positively”

I’m the parent of Young Smarties and I have been growing with them from the very start of their learning journey. As a parent to them, I can understand the loneliness and struggles during the parenting journey. I have worked with parents who want to have better connection with their child and at the same time nurture a curious learner. Through the use of the right tools with good a solid approach, I help parents build a stronger connection with their child, regulate their emotions, get their messages out between the parent and child and positioning themselves as THE EXPERT in home learning.
Lup Wai


Parenting can be a struggling and lonely journey. There is no answer sheet to tell you if you are doing it right or wrong. That’s why we are here to focus on how to support each other and grow with our children.

Check out our parenting section and get to learn more about how to positively impact your child and have a healthy connection.

Home Learning

Planning lessons and/or theme can be overwhelming. What to teach, whether the child is interested and whether the lesson is fun and interesting will affect a child’s interest in learning. 

Learn more about how to go about teaching your child, keeping him/her engaged while having fun learning through our home learning articles. 

Coaching and Tools

Parents who want to start their home learning journey finds it overwhelming. It can be frustrating and exhausting as well. We can’t guaranteed a perfect curriculum for your child  but we do help you to discover the joy and calmness in home learning with your child. 

Schedule a coaching session with us if you are looking for confidential parenting support to help you get out of that home learning anxiety. 

Our Parenting and Home Learning Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of parenting and home learning tips and tricks is to follow us and choose the most enticing tips and tricks to suit your needs.


  • Child complaining bored? 
  • Not sure what to do with your child at home?
  • Feeling disconnected? 

Download our free home learning guide that can fill in the gaps in your current home learning journey. Empower and impact your child positively through fun and engaging home learning activities . 

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